Everybody is welcome

Who We Are

God calls us to take part in His transforming work and promises that we will be transformed in the process. As a praying church, we believe the Gospel changes our lives.

The presence of Jesus in our lives is good news for us and everyone around us. This good news is more than hope in life after death; it holistically impacts the lives of people. Every year, CU Church will identify different areas of our community and world to partner with God in His transforming work. 

A Simple Mission

Everything God calls us to do can be stated simply:


What are my next steps?

Everyone is on a unique journey with God. However, the only way to the Father is through Jesus. Here are a few ideas to help you get connected to CU Church and to learn more about Jesus. 

Where to start?

Stay Informed

The phone app has seasonal devotionals, past sermon recordings, and a daily reading plan that coincides with weekly services. CU Church’s website, e-newsletter, and social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) provide information and encouragement throughout the week. 

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Connection Gathering

This event is about getting more involved by serving in the church and/or the community. This meeting occurs once a month. Sign-ups are posted on the front of CUCHURCH.COM.

Meet for Coffee or Lunch

Are you new to CU Church? Do you want to get connected and meet with someone who can answer questions?  To schedule a meeting, email or call 217-355-5120.


Groups are an opportunity for people to gather to share life and be in God’s Word together. Get connected with a group by emailing


Looking for a way to love people? Looking to connect with others? Find areas to serve in the next section.

Get Connected

Kid's Ministry -

The CU Kids Ministry builds a biblical foundation for kids in a safe environment where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way for toddlers through fifth grade. Nursery is also available.

Student Ministry -

Student ministry wants to create environments for students to love God and love people. Throughout the week there are different opportunities for junior high through high school students. Student ministry is best when students can connect with peers, connect with a leader, and connect to Jesus. 

College Age -

CU Church offers small groups for college age, hosts quarterly events, and partners with campus ministries at the University of Illinois. 

Worship -

Each week, we celebrate Jesus as we sing, pray, hear the Word of God, share communion, and grow in community. Serving opportunities are available with the worship band, audio/video, and set-up/tear-down.

Volunteer at a Service -

One way to love people is to make them feel welcomed with a smile and a warm greeting. Helping on our parking lot and first impressions teams are great ways to serve those coming to church.

Outreach -

CU Church wants to encourage and love all people through partnerships with local and international organizations, including missions trips both foreign and domestic. Each year, CU Church gives away at least 20% of general offerings to missions. Wednesday night meals are a great opportunity to serve and share a meal with people from our community.


Each week someone nominates a struggling person or family within our community, who is not a part of CU Church, and could use the love of Christ. Nominations are prayed over by the 1 for One team. Once chosen, they receive a cash gift from the donations given by those who call CU Church home. 

Submit a 1 for One

Partnership with WSCC

This partnership is two separate churches partnering together to impact our community!

In the fall of 2018 leadership of Webber Street Christian Church (WSCC) approached Jason Epperson, lead pastor of CU Church, about exploring a partnership to see how the two churches could work together to leverage their resources to show Christ’s love in our community. This initial discussion led to many more conversations which led to the consideration of numerous ways to partner together, including shared use of the WSCC building.

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