Hearing Assist System

Step 1: Download App

To connect wirelessly to the hearing assist system download the WaveCast Audio Receiver app.

App Icons


Step 2: Connect

Go to WiFi settings and connect to the "hearing assist" network. Password is "hearing assist".

This is a streaming network only, there is not internet access on this network.

Android devices are programmed to drop Wi-Fi connections that do not connect to the internet. While the WaveCAST system will work without an internet connection, Android devices will see there is no internet connection, disconnect from the network and switch to using a data network. The audio from the WaveCAST network will then be unavailable.

Putting the Android device in Airplane Mode or disabling cell data can resolve this issue if an internet connection cannot be provided over the same network as the WaveCAST Audio.

Multicast Details

The WaveCAST App (the end point) discovers if there is a WaveCAST system on the network by sending a broadcast packet and listening

Once connected to the hearing assist network open the WaveCast app. And select FM_PLUS.(you may need to add the app in the control app for some hearing aids)