Change is in the Air

1 Samuel 17 Are we using the momentum to miss the mark? There is no doubt the New Year carries with it a wave of fresh hope. It’s typically a time where we analyze what must change. Perhaps it’s more of something or less of something, but most of us would argue our lives could be better with some minor … Read More

Whose We Are

Isaiah 43:1 “That’s not who you are.” They were the first words out of my mouth directed at my three-year-old who was acting less than kind toward his younger sibling. Without really realizing it, the insinuation was unmistakable: WHO you are informs HOW you act. And in this house, with this last name, but most importantly as a child of … Read More

King of the Hill

1 Kings 18:5-7 – 1 Kings 22:5-15, 43 – 2 Kings 23 – Genesis 38:1-30 – Joshua 2:1-24 Did you ever play King of the Hill when you were younger? The object of the game is for the “king” to remain at the top of the hill by resisting the other players who are trying to surpass the king by … Read More

The Family

Genesis 38:1-30 and Joshua 2:1-24 MyHeritage, 23andMe, AncestryDNA… Ancestry tests seemed to proliferate the market this year as I browsed various items and options while Christmas shopping. While there are many reasons for wanting to know the details of family heritage, these tests tug at a deep and aching question we all may wonder: Where do I come from? What … Read More

What Crown Are You Chasing?

Acts 28 Do you remember who won the Super Bowl six years ago? Who topped the music charts in 2001 or who won Best Actor in 2003? What do these trophies and titles have in common with money, freedom, fame, security or a certain type of appearance? They are different forms of man-made and man-chased crowns. The less-discussed aspect of … Read More

Promise Keeper

Acts 27 How many of us have ever wondered whether or not a Midwestern thunderstorm would ever pass? When taken literally, that question seems silly. We all know storm systems dissipate. Our belief in the promise of clearer skies is so understood it need not be spoken. But what about when life storms? In Acts 23, Paul receives a promise … Read More

But Then

Acts 25:23–Acts 26:32 Have you ever noticed how the same stories are told and re-told at family gatherings? Oftentimes the stories told on repeat serve as clues to the values we hold deep. If our uncle values athletics, we’ll likely hear about his glory years in high school football dating to four decades ago. If our grandmother values resourcefulness, we … Read More

Real Relationship

Acts 25:1-22 We are challenged in this week’s message to ask the question, “When did the relationship get real?” Contrary to what much of today’s world would profess, the answer is actually not when it becomes official on Facebook or any other social media channel. Realness in relationships is forged through experience, and oftentimes the tough ones. One could make … Read More

We Are Forgiven

Acts 24:1-27 What amazes me more than the ease with which they ask for forgiveness is the fullness with which they accept it. I have learned more about grace from observing my three year-olds than any other place. Why? Because sometimes observing an active moment of grace is more impactful than all the teachings in its aftermath. Now let’s shift … Read More

Made for More

Mark 2 Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant and being told you could have anything and everything on the menu. But maybe you thought it was a joke. Or that you didn’t want the “charity.” Or that you just weren’t worthy of such kind treatment. So you took a glass of water and walked out. This week’s message unpacked a … Read More