Tri the Illini Triathlon Sunday

Sunday, October 1, 2023

On Sunday morning (October 1) the “Tri the Illini” Triathlon is being held on campus, and the bike portion of this race will be using 1st Street while the running portion of this race will be on campus. Note the following important “Driving to Church” recommendations:

Approaching Church from the West of 1st Street – Vehicles should take Green Street (or any street north of Green Street) to Lincoln; go right/south on Lincoln, and then go right/west on St. Mary’s Road as outlined in the map below. (Note – Lt. Short of the U of I Police Department indicated they would be allowing “pulse” traffic to get through 1st Street and warned that vehicles could be waiting upwards of 30 minutes before they can cross over. Therefore, AVOID coming to church from the west of 1st Street using Kirby Avenue, St. Mary’s Road or Windsor Road.) NOTE: The bike path extends for five miles from S First Street to S High Cross Rd.

Approaching Church from the East of 1st Street – Vehicles should only use St. Mary’s Road and the entrance to and exit from both parking lots (State Farm Center SW lot and I Hotel east lot) will occur off of this road. (Note – The triathlon is expected to be over by 11:00am so those attending 2nd service may be able to exit the SFC parking lot using the “normal” exit on 1st Street.)