Promise Keeper

Acts 27

How many of us have ever wondered whether or not a Midwestern thunderstorm would ever pass? When taken literally, that question seems silly. We all know storm systems dissipate. Our belief in the promise of clearer skies is so understood it need not be spoken. But what about when life storms?

In Acts 23, Paul receives a promise from God that he would be able to preach the Good News in Rome. Now in Acts 27, two and half years later, Paul finds himself on a boat at last en route to Rome. Do you think he ever doubted God to make good on that promise during those two and half years? While aboard, a literal storm rolls in and shipwreck is imminent. God’s promise-keeping ability looks bleak. Amid the chaos, Paul gathers his ship-mates and makes a speech. He tells them of God’s promise that every member would make it to Rome. He encourages them to trust God, hold fast to His promise and finally, to give thanks.

Notice, while God is perfect at promise-keeping, He never promises to keep us out of storms. Is your storm anxiety? Addiction? A rebellious child? The loss of a loved one or health or a dream? Let us go to His Word and hold fast to His promises. He is perfect at fulfilling His promises because He is perfectly faithful.


Thank you for keeping your promises God. Thank you for loving and purusing me. Show me new promises in the Bible. Help me find friends to share with.

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