Three Paths

Acts 12:1-25

Success, security, or Jesus? Three distinct paths and most of us spend our lives searching for one of the three. We cannot go after all of them. One heart cannot be divided among three pursuits. We fool ourselves into thinking we can seek Jesus alongside other things but seeking Him at all means to seek him solely.

The Bible is filled with real-life examples of those who spent their lives chasing after Jesus. In Acts 12, we see James’s journey on this earth end in brutal death. Peter, on the other hand, experiences a miraculous escape from prison. Both chased Jesus with very different outcomes. This begs the question – “Why?” While we may ask the question, we must be prepared for an answer that leads us no further than simply faith in the goodness of our God.

One thing is for certain. To seek success and security is to grab at water, to chase a mirage. But to seek Jesus? It ensures when we – and our loved ones – taste death, that moment will also be the first moment of our true eternal redemption. We will one day find in Heaven that James and Peter had the same end after all.


Spend some time in thought today honestly assessing what it is you’re seeking with your life. The way you spend your time, your money and your energy will be a very big hint.

Father, give us hearts that are abandoned for You – undivided.

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