Ordinary People

Acts 22:30-23:35

“Larger than life.” “Starstruck.” “He can do no wrong.” We hear these phrases regarding pop stars, actors, athletes, and other celebrities. Humanity has a tendency to tag the elite in any arena as having a touch that turns everything to gold. As Christians, we can often identify the folly in this type of lens view. But do we not often do the same with our own spiritual giants? How many of us have unreasonably elevated Noah, Moses, Peter or Paul? Yes, they were men of mighty faith. But do we not magnify that side while minimizing their mistakes, their humanity, their flaws… the ways they are actually more like us than not?

In Acts 22 and 23, we see Paul snap on the high priest, divide the Sanhedrin with his words and be led to the barracks in the midst of a riot he created. Was this chaos his plan? Certainly not. Did God still use Paul and the mess he’d made to bring about great good? Yes. God works ALL things for good (Romans 8:28), even in our mess-ups, if we only remain faithful to His purpose.

Acts is not the story of Paul. The story of Acts is that of a God working extraordinarily through ordinary men, most notably, Paul. What is more? Our God is in the same business today. Be not inspired by Paul. Be inspired by the God who worked through Paul and who wants to work — ordinarily and extraordinarily — through you and me today. How can the God of Paul act through you today?


Jesus how do you want to use me today? Please show me so I don’t miss it.

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