My Why

Acts 18:18-28

Have you ever come back from a vacation more tired than you were before you’d left? If you have young kids, the answer is most likely an emphatic yes! You may have found yourself wondering, “Why did we spend time, money, energy and effort in doing that?” Why? It’s a powerful question.

Seventeen years into his ministry, Paul’s life consisted largely of traveling from city to city, preaching the Gospel, being run out of town, abused, beaten and berated for his efforts. In Acts 18, we follow his roundabout journey through Corinth, Syria, Ephesus, Caesarea, Jerusalem, Antioch and Galatia. Do you think he ever wondered why? Surely life had become harder after becoming a Christian. Why keep going? Why wear himself out with such seemingly futile efforts? German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche stated, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Paul’s Jesus was so compelling, so transformative, so sustaining. Indeed, Jesus was Paul’s why. Is He yours?


Let’s ask ourselves again, and be willing to answer with complete honesty: Is Jesus my why? If so, it should show through in our energy our optimism, our hope and our peace.

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