More Than Looking the Part

Acts 19:1-20

A few months ago I walked through a gym during a high school AAU basketball tournament. After watching a few games, it was apparent there was just a handful of great talent, but plenty of average talent. Do you know what was interesting? Most of the guys looked the part. They had the arm sleeves, the logos, the latest and greatest in sponsors, gear and gadgets. Some who looked the part had the game to back it up. Some who looked the part were exposed as superstar imposters within minutes of play. Regardless of what we say or the masks we wear, we’ll eventually be found out for what we really are.

In Acts 19, we find pseudo-disciples of Jesus invoking His name solely for power. They wanted to do great miracles as they saw Paul do great miracles. They had the look – the knowledge of Jesus – but they didn’t have the game – the relationship with Jesus – to back it up. We are called to have more than head knowledge of Jesus. We are to literally welcome his Spirit into our practical, everyday lives. We can and should live in relationship and constant communication with the Spirit as we go about our normal days. Do you want supernatural peace, hope and joy? There are no shortcuts; we cannot fake, feign or mask our way to more. As you seek the Spirit, “all these things will be given to you as well.” Do not chase His overflow, chase the Spirit himself and you will have found these things as well.

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