Made for More

Mark 2

Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant and being told you could have anything and everything on the menu. But maybe you thought it was a joke. Or that you didn’t want the “charity.” Or that you just weren’t worthy of such kind treatment. So you took a glass of water and walked out.

This week’s message unpacked a passage in Mark 2 — a paralytic being lowered through a roof for Jesus to heal both his sins and his body. It is a memorable depiction of Jesus’s heart for humanity. What does it tell us? We were made for more! As with the imaginary restaurant, Jesus offers us everything and then some! We’re all too content to settle for taking only a tiny piece of the pie with a side of unbelief, pride, self-pity or skepticism. What are the keys to accepting Jesus’s offer of a life made for more? Receiving, believing and celebrating forgiveness. We need to receive help, both from others around us and from our Father above us. We must believe that He cares, that He is good and that whatever is needed, He is able. Finally, let’s celebrate the forgiveness offered to both ourselves and those around us! It is through HIS hard-won sacrifice that we are forgiven, and the natural response should be to celebrate and elevate Him. You and I were made for more: How can we practice receiving, believing and celebrating forgiveness today?


Jesus I need more of you. I need greater understanding of what you did for me and how YOU see me.

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