Look What God Did

Acts 21:18-36

His little hands gripped my fingers as I led my youngest around the room while he awkwardly moved his chubby legs into steps. His older brothers watched enthusiastically and shouted, “Look, mama! He’s walking!” What they didn’t know is I was all but walking for him. The modern-day, Christian version of that story is when we witness the movement of God played out through people and give praise to the people instead of the God working it out through them. We want to take credit or give credit to the pawns, but let’s remember it’s God’s hand behind anything good.

In Acts 21, we see this story played out, but in its right version. Paul proclaims the mighty works of God –– through himself and through others –– and the response from the disciples is praise to God. This is good, and it is a blueprint from which we should work. As we read on to Acts 21:30-32, it’s easy to wonder: If Paul gave all credit and praise to God, why does the story continue that he is arrested and beaten? The reality is we can do all the right things and follow His ways, but it will not guarantee a safe or pain-free life. We are, however, promised His presence, His peace and His sacrifice in and through all things. Let us proclaim with all our might at anything good, “Look what God has done!” And proclaim with confidence in our pain, “He is still good!”


God help us to give you the credit this week. You have done so much. Please help us to just give you the credit.

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