King of the Hill

1 Kings 18:5-7 – 1 Kings 22:5-15, 43 – 2 Kings 23 – Genesis 38:1-30 – Joshua 2:1-24

Did you ever play King of the Hill when you were younger? The object of the game is for the “king” to remain at the top of the hill by resisting the other players who are trying to surpass the king by reaching the summit. The title is nice, but it is tireless and hard work to remain king of the hill.

In this week’s message, we highlight a few of Israel’s kings. Rehoboam solicited advice upon being named king. Elders advised him to serve the people, and they, in turn, would serve the king. Peers encouraged him to assert power over the people and rule by force. Rehoboam listened to the wrong advisers, and the unfortunate lesson in his kingship begs the self-reflective question, “Do we allow the right people to influence us?… Who leads us to the King?” Uzziah began his reign chasing after God’s ideals, but eventually, his success led to pride. His unfaithfulness was his downfall. In our own lives, do we give credit to our Father for all good things? Or do we try to claim credit for the blessings He’s bestowed? From Hezekiah we learn to guard God’s word; it is trustworthy and true. From Manasseh, we learn that it’s never too late. In his distress, he sought the Lord. We, too, can do the same regardless of whatever we’ve done and wherever we find ourselves.

Let the lives of the kings speak the same truth of our childhood playground games: It is toil to spend our lives building our kingdoms and taxing our efforts to remain king of our hill. There is but one King in whom we can rest secure – King Jesus. Who is King of your life this Christmas?

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