Exodus 3:1-14, John 8:1-11

This week’s sermon touched on passages from Exodus 3 and John 8. We see in those two passages instances of God explicitly revealing Himself to man. “I am who am” was the cry from a burning bush (Exodus 3) and the same all-encompassing identity later echoed from Jesus’s lips: “Before Abraham was born, I am!” (John 8). As we discussed all the ways we distinguish who we are, I hearkened back to my fifth grade fill-in-the-blank test days. I vividly remember arguing over answers and why there could be more than one word that worked. Perhaps there were several correct answers.

We often do the same with identity. “I am ____________.” A mother or a friend. An employee or a boss. A volunteer or a victim. An alcoholic or an addict. A hard worker or a high performer. Broken. Better. We argue or agree with many words to extrapolate our own identities. Some “good” and some “bad”; some we are happy to share and others we try to keep hidden. Identity is a question and a struggle for most of humanity. Why? Because we don’t understand, it is ours to be changed. Not that we can change it ourselves, but that we can accept it as changed by the work of a cross.

Jesus took the mess we’ve made of our identities to the cross and traded all of our words for his redemptive work. We are children of God. There is undoubtedly only one right answer to that fill-in-the-blank.


In what ways would all of my pseudo-identities change if I were to grab hold of my one true identity? Being a child of God should permeate the way we operate in every aspect of life.

Father, show us the moments we’re living out of false identities and remind us of the truth that we are Your children.

This Week’s Message