Christmas Offering

This year's Christmas offering will go to these three ministries.

Merci's Refuge

Merci's Refuge is a 6-12 month Christian residential counseling program for adult women seeking freedom from various life-controlling issues that keep them from experiencing joy and accomplishing their goals. These issues often stem from past trauma and include things like depression, anxiety, addictions, unhealthy relationships, unplanned pregnancies, unstable income and housing, and involvement with the child welfare system. Our aim is to provide the time, space, and support for women to step outside of survival and crisis mode and begin the hard work of healing from past trauma.

Their program includes individual counseling, group work, life-goal coaching, and various life-skills classes for pregnancy, parenting, finances, and healthy living. Merci's Refuge is a Christian ministry and their program encourages residents to explore and grow in their faith through bible study, prayer and worship, and being a part of Christian community.

C-U at Home

C-U at Home’s goal and purpose in the community goes far beyond the mission statement. Every day, they work to develop close, lasting relationships with our “friends without an address.” C-U at Home makes a conscious and intentional effort not to refer to those they serve as “homeless” due to the severely negative stereotype associated with that term. C-U at Home is in the process of opening up a 365 day Shelter for Men in the community without an address.

Underground Church

These funds will go towards training for five underground churches include the following: basic skills and principles of CHE (Community Health Evangelism), leadership skills, community mobilization, and Muslim evangelism. As well as, empowering thirty vulnerable families within the community through microenterprise interventions.