Fatal Flaws

Acts 14

In most competitive athletic events, film is watched prior to the game or match. It allows for the identifying of opponents’ weaknesses so they can be exposed in competition. When battle is waged, not for a win or a loss, but for the soul of a human, you better believe the enemy is doing his homework. Our fatal flaws are exactly the areas on which we’ll be pressed.

Paul’s life, and specifically the events of Acts 14, should give us overwhelming hope in living our lives as overcomers. We see Paul turn down everything he’d ever previously pursued – power, prestige, position – without hesitation. Why? Because he’d been transformed by the Gospel, which served as both the reason and the power behind his re-entering a city where he’d just been beaten and almost killed. In experiencing the transforming presence of Jesus’s Spirit, we are enabled and emboldened to share the Good News, just as Paul did.


How can we be honest about our fatal flaws? Now let’s invite the Spirit to strengthen those places and use them as launching points for ministry.

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