Acts 21:1-17

Excuses are for losers. We’ve all heard the saying. But do you know where I think we’d find more excuses than the losing team’s locker room? The sidelines — on why we shouldn’t, couldn’t or didn’t get in the game at all. Spirituality is little different than sports. We reason our way out of life on mission and settle instead for our cul-de-sac comforts and arm-distance involvement.

In Acts 21, Paul tearfully farewells Ephesian leaders and friends as he sets out toward Jerusalem on mission. What did God warn him was approaching in the windshield? Chains, beatings and likely a brutal death. Think of all the excuses Paul could have made! Genuinely loving and faithful Christ-following friends hindered him. Fear must have nipped at him. Fatigue, self-preservation and a laundry list of rationalizations may have surfaced. What won out? God’s mission for Paul to reconcile Jews to Jesus. To win over just a few more lives to know His truths and freedom. To see salvation found in yet another soul.

The setting, surroundings and timeline of the world were different for Paul than for us today, but his mission from God is the same as ours. Reconcile a wanting world to Jesus. How? Through vulnerability, activated in service and love. I wonder… will we move through today mindlessly or will we go out on mission?


Jesus help me to see the excuses I am making when it comes to sharing my faith. Help me to tell others about you.

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