Chat Transcripts

Acts 17:16-34 Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could read a transcript of our conversations from the past week? Month? Year? I wonder if we’d find recurring themes. How much do we talk about sports? How much do we talk about our worries? How much do we talk about money, about the new purchase we just made or the ones … Read More

Before and After

Acts 17:1-15 This week’s Parade Magazine held the title “The Stories Behind the Songs.” It explored the meaning behind songs written by The Beatles, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan and more. I couldn’t help but wonder at the way simple stories, expressed through song, went on to become recognized, memorized, sung and spread through countless of adoring fans and beyond. Storytelling … Read More

Can’t Put God In A Box

Acts 16:16-40 Most of us arrange our lives the same way I do my suitcase — compartmentalized. We draw boundaries between school, social, work, family or fun. The potential for awkward interaction in two of our worlds colliding is often what keeps us upholding the walls between them. We treat our spirituality little different, keeping it confined to “church activities” … Read More

The RIGHT Direction

Acts 16:1-15 In Acts 16, we hear of Paul and Silas traveling to Derbe and then to Lystra, where they met Timothy. Timothy, a Greek, joined Paul on his travels from town to town until they reached Jerusalem. From there, they traveled through Phrygia and Galatia to the border of Mysia. They were unable to enter Bithynia, so they passed … Read More

The One Thing

Acts 16:1-15 I needed one thing. But somehow when I came home from the store and unpacked multiple bags of unplanned purchases, I realized I’d forgotten to grab the one thing that was the reason I went there in the first place. This week’s sermon by guest pastor Bob Russell was centered around being contagious ambassadors for Christ. Sometimes I … Read More

Listen Well

Acts 15:22-41 “When you listen well, we get to do fun things together.” It’s a line I’ve said countless times to my kids. Whether before a trip to the park, playground, pool or a ball game, I want them to know that as their respect and willingness to listen grow, so too does their privilege. Obedience begets joy. God wants … Read More


Acts 15:1-21 I remember as a child putting on my mom’s glasses. I inched around the room, feeling with my hands to make up for what was blurry with my eyes. Could you imagine if my mom insisted on me wearing those glasses for the rest of the day? How burdensome! How much that would have impeded the very thing … Read More

Fatal Flaws

Acts 14 In most competitive athletic events, film is watched prior to the game or match. It allows for the identifying of opponents’ weaknesses so they can be exposed in competition. When battle is waged, not for a win or a loss, but for the soul of a human, you better believe the enemy is doing his homework. Our fatal … Read More


Acts 13:15-52 Have you ever done something that felt like it backfired? Maybe you made the extra effort to visit a neighbor only to find yourself at the brunt of her bad day. Or you lent money to a stranger only to have him thanklessly ask if that’s all you’ve got. Paul and Barnabus find themselves in what could be … Read More


Acts 13:1-15 A few weeks ago I noticed my son sneak into our home office and climb up to perch on top of his dad’s swivel chair. He reached over the desk, opened a laptop and began fiddling with a pair of earbuds until they were nearly tangled into a ball, but somehow dangling from his little ears. When I … Read More