Acts 15:1-21 I remember as a child putting on my mom’s glasses. I inched around the room, feeling with my hands to make up for what was blurry with my eyes. Could you imagine if my mom insisted on me wearing those glasses for the rest of the day? How burdensome! How much that would have impeded the very thing … Read More

Fatal Flaws

Acts 14 In most competitive athletic events, film is watched prior to the game or match. It allows for the identifying of opponents’ weaknesses so they can be exposed in competition. When battle is waged, not for a win or a loss, but for the soul of a human, you better believe the enemy is doing his homework. Our fatal … Read More


Acts 13:15-52 Have you ever done something that felt like it backfired? Maybe you made the extra effort to visit a neighbor only to find yourself at the brunt of her bad day. Or you lent money to a stranger only to have him thanklessly ask if that’s all you’ve got. Paul and Barnabus find themselves in what could be … Read More


Acts 13:1-15 A few weeks ago I noticed my son sneak into our home office and climb up to perch on top of his dad’s swivel chair. He reached over the desk, opened a laptop and began fiddling with a pair of earbuds until they were nearly tangled into a ball, but somehow dangling from his little ears. When I … Read More

Three Paths

Acts 12:1-25 Success, security, or Jesus? Three distinct paths and most of us spend our lives searching for one of the three. We cannot go after all of them. One heart cannot be divided among three pursuits. We fool ourselves into thinking we can seek Jesus alongside other things but seeking Him at all means to seek him solely. The … Read More

Barnabas, Son of Encouragement

Acts 11 It was in a moment after being shut down by a superior opponent time and time again but continuing to try. My dad gave me life in five words he said about me: “That’s why she’ll be good.” It was also over twenty years ago when I heard my mom tell my dad how beautiful I looked while … Read More

Cornelius and Peter

Acts 10 I was chatting with a friend who has been fostering children for some years now. Her words have been bouncing around in my head ever since: “I guess my view of family has just expanded. I don’t get to make the legal decisions, but there’s a place for them here in my family.” My love felt small and … Read More


Exodus 3:1-14, John 8:1-11 This week’s sermon touched on passages from Exodus 3 and John 8. We see in those two passages instances of God explicitly revealing Himself to man. “I am who am” was the cry from a burning bush (Exodus 3) and the same all-encompassing identity later echoed from Jesus’s lips: “Before Abraham was born, I am!” (John … Read More

We Are Free

Romans 8:1-14 In taking a break from our regularly scheduled progression through Acts, this week we hashed out applications of Romans 8 in a Mother’s Day message. Like most moms, I know the woes of toddler defiance. In my home, we daily stumble our way through two-year-old apologies. But even more than the display of body-mopping tantrums, it is the … Read More

Aeneas and Dorcas

Acts 9:31-43 A brilliant interior designer shows up at your home, knocks on your door and offers her services… free of charge. She’ll tear down, clean out and recreate on her dime. Imagine this also; you don’t open your door. Or perhaps you do, but only to show the “decent” rooms for fear of being judged by the dated ones. … Read More