40 Days in the Life of Jesus

The CU Church staff has put together a Lent devotional that journeys through the gospel of Matthew. Together as a church, we want to spend the next 40 days focusing on the life of Jesus. Every day there will be a passage of scripture from Matthew that highlights the life of Jesus along with a brief devotional thought from one of nine staff writers.

Lent is intended to be a time of sacrifice leading us to the celebration of the resurrection at Easter. We will practice spiritual disciplines (i.e. fasting & praying) to focus us on Jesus. Together, we will be intentional about remembering Jesus each day.

We will remember who He is, remember what He has done, and remember what He has promised. His life is leading us to the cross and ultimately to His resurrection. We pray that our time together in the life of Jesus draws us closer to Him, what He is doing in our lives, and where He is calling us to love God and love people in our community.

We would ask you to pray about people in your life that you could have a conversation with about Jesus. Look for an opportunity to invite them to join you at an Easter service as you spend time with Jesus over the next 40 days.