Chat Transcripts

Acts 17:16-34

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we could read a transcript of our conversations from the past week? Month? Year? I wonder if we’d find recurring themes. How much do we talk about sports? How much do we talk about our worries? How much do we talk about money, about the new purchase we just made or the ones we want to make? How much do we talk about school or pop culture? How much do we talk about…the Gospel? That is Matt’s big question for us in this week’s message while fleshing out the text in Acts 17.

Paul left Timothy and Silas to minister to those in Berea while he traveled onward to a city of thinkers, philosophers, ideas and idols — Athens. Despite being inundated with information, they worshiped unknown idols out of ignorance. Distressed at what he saw, Paul began to reason with others and teach the Gospel. In Paul we find a man so altered by the Gospel message, he seemingly can’t help but spread it. The transcript of his words reflected what had most impacted his life, and that was Jesus. What has captured our own hearts is what will come out of our mouths. Are we having Gospel conversations?


Take a mental note of your spoken transcript this week. What has captured your heart?