Change is in the Air

1 Samuel 17

Are we using the momentum to miss the mark? There is no doubt the New Year carries with it a wave of fresh hope. It’s typically a time where we analyze what must change. Perhaps it’s more of something or less of something, but most of us would argue our lives could be better with some minor (or major) changes. So we resolve… less junk food, more reading, less TV, more exercise. These are all good things, but are we missing the mark for what must change?

The well-known story of David and Goliath can serve as motivation for our 2020 mentality. Despite being physically outmatched by an opponent and surrounded by mentally weakened peers, David stepped up. When it would’ve made sense to defer, David didn’t. David’s victory as covenant mediator on behalf of Israel is premonition for Jesus’s later defeat over Satan, sin and death on behalf of all humanity. What does that change? Everything, including our eternal hope.

This year, let’s use the hope of the New Year to be ambassadors of hope – of Jesus. Let’s spend more time affecting eternal change than changing our figures or bank accounts or diets. Our 2020 call — but really the call of our lives — is to witness to the world on behalf of our living redeemer.

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