Can’t Put God In A Box

Acts 16:16-40

Most of us arrange our lives the same way I do my suitcase — compartmentalized. We draw boundaries between school, social, work, family or fun. The potential for awkward interaction in two of our worlds colliding is often what keeps us upholding the walls between them. We treat our spirituality little different, keeping it confined to “church activities” and our “Christian group” of friends.

In Acts 16, Paul shows us another way. In doing so, we witness the effects of unbridled faith. Who does the Gospel reach when Paul preaches to those outside of his comfort zone? A wealthy Asian woman is the first convert in Europe. Next is her family. Then, a demon possessed slave girl. Soon to follow, a jailer. I didn’t see it coming either. But that’s the beauty of our God. We may try to compartmentalize His reach, but He doesn’t fit in a box. His grace isn’t for a particular demographic. He plays no favorites. Our God does not discriminate.

The impact of the Gospel in our lives should be seen beyond Sunday morning service or pre-meal prayers. The Gospel should permeate every fiber of who we are. It should affect every aspect of what we do. Let’s take note of Paul this week and see how much of our lives might be affected by the Gospel.


What effect will the Gospel have on my life today? Where can it breathe new life into me and those around me?

This Week’s Sermon