I Hotel Launch

September 16, 2018

Sunday Services at 9:30 am and 11:00 am

Join us at 1900 S 1st St, Champaign, IL 61820


Driving to Church

When you are coming to church at the I Hotel, please approach from the north or south on S. First Street or headed east on St. Mary’s Road.

Parking for Visitors, Seniors, and Families

We welcome first-time guests, seniors, families with children, and anyone who needs handicapped parking to park here. Families will be parking here because the family entrance is on the south side of the building.

Parking for General, Staff, and Volunteers

A short walk across the street to the main entrance will provide easy access to the main entrance. Please cross St. Mary’s Road at the designated area.

Walking to Entrances

Entering from the Family Lot

To help with kids check-in, we have placed the family parking next to the family (south) entrance.

Entering from the Visitors and Seniors Lot

From this lot, you will exit your cars and move to the north crossing area in the parking. You will enter through the main entrance.

Entering from the General, Staff, and Volunteers Lot

Move to the southeast corner of the parking lot. Please cross St. Mary’s Road at the designated crossing area and proceed through the parking lot on the marked path to the main entrance.

Church Layout

Next Steps

Do you have a question? Are you looking for a group? Are you trying to find a room or a person? Visit the next step desk!

Large Group

This area is where we will come and worship through song, fellowship, prayer, and the studying of God’s Word.


Will be available west of the family entrance in the southwest part of the I Hotel.


This room will function similarly to our tent at the CU Church Campus. It will provide a place to hang out and socialize.


These are the locations of our kid’s classrooms. Check-in will be right inside of the family entrance. There will also be self-check-in stations in the main hallway. Kid’s rooms are named by color and marked by digital screens and large banners outside of the classrooms. Each child’s name tag has their classroom assignment printed on them.


This room will be where our high school discipleship class and junior high school will meet.

Driving Home

Visitors, Seniors, and Families

We will turn right (east) on to St. Mary’s Road.

General, Staff, and Volunteers

We highly recommend turning right (north) on to S. 1st St. to help improve traffic flow after church.